Harness Measurement Chart

In order to ensure that you have years of enjoyment from your harness, your harness must not only fit well, but look great.

Because of the very nature of driving harness (with its vast array of parts), we encourage you to print the form below to take the measurements of your horse. By following these instructions and providing us with your horse's information, we can supply you with the best harness to suit your equine.

Best measurements occur if you have a good fitting harness to measure and compare with horse. Use a soft quilter's "fabric" tape measure. Please provide your measurements in inches.

Running Brook Farm
1525 Bloodhill Road
Windsor, VT 05089


Name:  __________________________________________
Farm:  __________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________
Phone: __________________________________________
Fax: __________________________________________
Email: __________________________________________
A. Corner of mouth over poll to corner of mouth: __________________________________________
B. Browband:
(Total length end to end.)
C. Noseband:     __________________________________________
D. Girth:
(Heart girth, all way around where saddle sits.)
E. Backband:
(Back of saddle to base of tail.) 
F. Hip strap:
(Over loin, to top of breeching.) 
G. Breeching:
(Point of hip around rump to point of hip or end of ring to end of ring of existing harness.)
H. Breastplate:
(From center of saddle at the skirt around chest to center of saddle on other side. We will use this measurment, adjusting for single or pair, depending on your order. )
I. Tug height:
(From the center of the tug where the shaft would sit to the ground 
Breed(s): __________________________________________
Height(s): __________________________________________
Vehicle:    4-wheel vehicle    2-wheel cart
Weight: __________________________________________
Do you drive:  Single      Pair     Both
Your harness interest(s): __________________________________________
Your traces :  Slot End     Stainless     Dee End     Loop End (roller bolt)
Do you need:  Flash noseband     Trace carriers    

Tilbury Tugs     Marathon Shaft Loops 

Quick-release Shackles

  Safe Driving!