Running Brook Farm is now selling carts built by the Frey Carriage Company. The Sprint is made with a powder coated tublar durable steel frame. Other standard features include adjustable axle for balance, adjustable seat and body as well as adjustable shaft height and length enabling a good fit for a range of equines.

We have two Sprints is in stock and ready to go. One is horse size and the one pictured here is large horse and includes a wedge and quarter seat, nerf dash and disc brakes.

Adjustabe Seat, Shafts, Axle and Body

Wood Wheel, Fender and Shaft Options

Tufted Seat


Sprint Base Prices:
VSE ... $2,695.
Small Pony ...
Medium Pony ... $,2795
Large Pony / Horse ... $ 2,895
Large Horse ... $2,995
Draft ... $3,095

Sprint Options:
Nerf Dash
Marathon Shafts
Raised Footrest
Custom Color Wheels or Body
Custom Stain
Wood Floor, Wheels, Shafts, Dash, Fenders, Spares Box
Patent Dash
Patent Shaft Trim
Rein Rail
Spares Carrier
Wedge Seat
Tufted Seat
Custom Brakes

Sprint with Loop Shaft Ends

Sprint with a Wedge and Quarter Seat

Call for more details 800-253-3030

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