Red Hawk

The Red Hawk is available in sizes to fit 13h to 16h driving equines. Horse size weighs 350lbs and pony size weighs 340lbs. It is a versitle multi-purpose carriage with rear wagonette seating and groom stand.

BASE PRICE …$4,800.
Included in the base price:

  • shaft cover
  • groom step
  • metal independant shafts
  • metal wheels
  • rear seats with seat backs
  • disc brakes


In Stock

Red Hawk
Air-tire Red Hawk In Stock

We have the air-tire Red Hawk pictured here in stock and a pony size Red Hawk also in stock.
Call for details 800-253-3030

Red Hawk
Red Hawk with Pneumatic Wheels

Red Hawk
Red Hawk Hard Rubber Wheels

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