Zilco Harnesses

Zilco Harness is made of technologically advanced, lightweight, washable materials which feels and fits like natural leather. Your horse will enjoy the comfortable fit and you will like the low maintenance of this washable harness. Many of the advanced combined drivers are having great success using the high tech Zilco products.

BREASTPLATES (Top to Bottom)

George Bowman

Advanced Deluxe Pair

Advanced Deluxe Single

Classic & Advanced



SADDLES (Left to Right)

Pony, 2" (may also be used for horse pair/team)

Classic, 3" with Open (English) shaft loop

Continental (Classic), 3" with French tugs

George Bowman/Advanced/Advanced Deluxe, 4"


TRACE TYPES (Top to Bottom)

Bowman D, 2"

HRH D, 1-1/4"

Standard D, 1-1/4"

Slot end, 1-1/4" (Classic harness 1" trace not shown but similar)

(Not shown: Loop end trace for roller bolt.)



Left - The Classic Bridle

Right - The George Bowman Bridle with wider crown and browband. Flash noseband has double stainless buckle chin strap. Square eye available.

Note: All harnesses come with Sure Grip reins.


BREASTPLATES (Top to Bottom)

Bowman 4" Breastplate

HRH 3" Breastplate

Classic/Advanced/Advanced Deluxe
(Hardware is different on each model, but the construction is the same.)

There are three models to choose from, they are:


The Classic Harness has a traditional design, and is lightweight, sturdy and washable. This harnes can be used everyday and for show. The saddle is 3" with a flexable tree that will conform to your horses back. This model has a separate girth with a wide range of adjustments and has 1" buckle in traces with a choice of slot or D ring ends. The Classic is a good all around harness that has been a Zilco standard for years. Offered in single, pair, team or tandem.

Classic Single Harness
Horse …$750
Pony …$675
Shetland …$630
Mini …$599
Classic Pair Harness
Horse …$1595
Pony …$1495
Shetland …$1370


The Zilco George Bowman Harness has been designed by Zilco after extensive consultation with George Bowman, Great Britain's world famous four in hand driver. This harness was designed to meet the needs of serious combined driving competitors who want the best. This harness includes both the unique breastplate and the saddle with flexible tree and convertible terrets. This sturdy beautiful harness has the unique ability to convert from single to pair to team, or tandem.

HRH SINGLE (cob size) …$1175
HRH PAIR (cob size) …$2425



The Deluxe is the same as the Bowman except for the lighter breastplate with the 1-1/4 buckle in trace, either slot or D end.

SINGLE …$1100
PAIR $2425

Images courtesy of Zilco.