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Running Brook Farm proudly represents the finest builders around the world. With over 100 carriages in our showroom catering to all disciplines of driving, we use our expertise to help select the best vehicle for you and your equine. We also have a good selection of quality used and antique vehicles for the collector. You can find a good selection of harness both traditional leather and synthetic in stock. We are pleased to offer Zilco, Smuckers and now our own RBF Combo synthetic leather combination harness as well as the RBF Synthetic harness.

Currently, our products include the new vehicles listed below which are in stock or can be built to order. We have more vehicles available that are not listed on this site, call 800-253-3030 or email us for information on additional vehicles at Running Brook Farm.

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Running Brook Spinnerę

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Running Brook Road Cart New and Used in stock

Click for larger view Sprint
Click for larger view Eaglet In Stock
Click for larger view Painted Show Cart In Stock
Click for larger view Marathon Cart
Click for larger view Running Brook Training Cart
Carriages: Competition - Dressage - Marathon - Pleasure
Click for larger view Sportabout In Stock
Glinkowski carriages Glinkowski Carriages In Stock
Bellcrown USA Bellcrown USA Many Models and Sizes In Stock
Click for larger view The Eagle Mini, Pony and Horse size In Stock
Red Hawk Red Hawk In Stock
Carriages: Traditional/ Pleasure
Click for larger view Bronson
Click for larger view Pleasure Carriage In Stock
Click for larger view Wagonette In Stock
  Zilco Harnesses
  Smucker's Leather Harness
Smucker's Synthetic Harness
RBF Combo Harness
RBF Synthetic Harness
  Harness Measuement Chart
Driving Accessories:
  Safety Triangle
Cart Stand
  Cart/Carriage Jack
Books coming soon
Gloves coming soon
Please contact us or join our email list if you are looking for something in particular that we are not currently offering.