Butchers Cart

A wonderful Butchers Cart with all the accessories that make a near authentic turnout to show in any commercial class.
Since body is sprung independently from the shafts giving the "butcher" a very smooth ride. The Butchers Cart should be hitched slightly uphill because the English didn't have ice and the blood from the fresh meat drained out the back. Includes aprons made of material in the authentic "apprentice butcher" pattern that was imported from England.
The foot gong is an original "Bevin Bell Company" (still on Long Island, NY) delivery bell used on delivery wagons to announce the arrival of the peddler. Also included is an oat bucket that hangs from the axle and a crosss-body purse that the butcher always wore.

These and other turnout items are included, not pictured is a sign that mounts on top of the cart.

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Butchers Cart
Butchers Cart with Original Foot Gong

Butchers Cart Extras
Includes a Full Array of Butcher Supplies

Buthers Cart
Wonderful Commercial Cart


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