Pleasure Carriage

The Pleasure Carriage can be ordered in your choice of colors with striping, tufted seats, wedge and half seat, birds-eye maple panels, pole, dash and tray, foot guards, brakes and a brass rein rail. It can be built to your size specifications. Available options for a custom built Pleasure Carriage are listed below.

Pleasure Vehicle
Pleasure Carriage
Pleasure Vehicle
Pleasure Carriage
BASE PRICE …$4,500.

Tufted Bedford Cord Upholstery
Wedge & Half Seat
Maple Dash & Tray
Birdseye Maple Panels
Removable Foot Guard

Call for pricing on options listed above.

The Pleasure Carriage pictured on the right is in stock. It is horse size and has shafts, striping, wedge seat and birdseye maple panels.

$6,095 Sorry this vehicle has been sold.

Call for more details 800-253-3030

Plesure Vehicle
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