Smuckers Synthetic Harness

Smucker's Synthetic Harnesses

Smucker's - The Name You Can Trust in Harness. Traditional regard for detail produces the perfect fit. Satisfied customers, driving for pleasure or competing worldwide, know they can count on. Smuckers Synthetic Harness has the same great look and style as the leather harness just add the ease of cleaning with soap and water. A proven winner with many of our customers since it was introduced a few years ago. Made in all sizes from mini to draft with your choice of hardware.

Please select from the following harness models:

The Synthetic Pleasure Harness®

Great for everyday use. This sturdy, reliable harness made
with lined, buckle-in breastcollar and standard type saddle.

Single: $570
Pair: $1,440
Four-in-hand: Call

The Synthetic Deluxe Harness® Smuckers Synthetic Hanress Saddle

Smuckers show quality harness that looks good everytime out.
Includes curved and padded breastcollar and padded breeching,
noseband, crown, girth, turnback and neckstrap. The new Better Fit
saddle and false maringale are included. Mini, pony, horse, warmblood,
draft size available.

Single: $895
Pair: $1,995
Four-in-hand: Call


Synthetic Lite Harness®

An economy harness used with lightweight vehicles. Breastcollar style.

Single: $395
Pair: Call
Four-in-hand: Call



Synthetic Mara-tation Harness

This harness was designed for the extreme sport of combined driving with a heavier design with quick release shaft tugs. Hardware is stainless steel. Your choice of leather lined or all synthetic.

Single: $1,495
Pair: $3,290
Four-in-hand: Call


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